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Realtime Music IP Protection
with security and transparency. 


  • Sync in real time with music production applications such as Logic, ProTools, Ableton and Reason. 

  • Every input into the production application (DAW), will clone to your SplitSheet profile in all of your devices in the cloud instantly, as well as to your local drive.

  • Realtime blockchain ledger records each individual contributor so there is never confusion about who did what.

  • Choose how you and your collaborators want to split the song, equally, manually or automatically by allowing our state of the art predictive A.I. do it based on input.


  • With a full 'audio record' of every single session, never feel uncomfortable asking what your split is again.

  • Share your idea in someone else's studio without any concern of someone taking credit for something you came up with

  • Records every contribution, allowing several people to participate at once or over a period of time. 

  • A.I. measures the percentage of each contribution and chose specific splits.

  • Automatically create smart contracts 


  • Have complete confidence that your work is protected.

  • Electronically copyright your music, register with the MLC, connect with licensing and distribution platforms and more

  • SplitSheet will offer users unique licensing and distribution opportunities, influencer bonuses and discounted services.

  • As we track the creative process, SplitSheet will also integrate with machine learning to better understand the music making process and utilize the data in many other ways that enhance the creator experience. We will team up with organizations like Google Magenta.

  • We also want to create custom integrations to the Northwestern Mutual financial management portal that will help artists track their money and make better financial decisions along the way with the help of an advisor. 




Why did we start the company? As a member of one of the most successful pioneer latin bands of the 2000s, Jalen James had seen it all while traveling on tour and performing in the biggest venues around the world. After incredible success that included millions of views, streams and records sold, and major synced commercials campaigns including for Fortune 100 & 500 companies, James never got paid. He later found out that because his songs and intellectual properties were improperly registered and documented, his SplitSheets were forged and signed to a different publishing company and he never saw any of the money the music earned. The kid that came from nothing was now again, was getting nothing for his efforts and talent, Jalen was not being properly credited for his creativity and was left with empty handed. This resulted in tremendous personal failures such as losing full custody of his daughter. Years later, because of the pain of this failure, he decided to do something about it. Jalen came up with the idea of SplitSheet to help other artists protect themselves. Split sheet allows artists, songwriters, composers, sound engineers, producers and musicians the ability to protect their creativity and secure their finances so that they can finally EAT FROM THEIR DREAM. Additionally we are creating a virtual finance advisor, to help by making suggestions on better ways to save money and structure their finances… with the money earned, artists can create a plan to help their personal life as well as their career, have goals to buy new equipment or meet social media goals…but more importantly, it will finally be used to provide a proper livelihood for every artist. This is the future of the role of finance in the music industry and beyond.


At SplitSheet our vision is to ensure that the intellectual property of all music creators is accurately accounted for and protected.  No longer will artists fear losing out on their hard earned money because of missing meta data, stolen rights or complicated registration and accounting processes.. They can effortlessly tap into the cloud and have complete confidence in the future.  


We believe that anyone brave enough to pursue their passion and live out their dream should receive every dollar they work so hard to earn. However, that is not the reality for many artists today as billions of dollars are needlessly sitting in a bank account "the black box" and not making their way to rightful owners because of missing and inaccurate meta data, complicated registration, carelessness and fraud. Especially in a time of economic crisis, artists should receive every dollar possible. SplitSheet makes that possible.





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